Mairie de Dijon
Place de la libération
21000 Dijon
Standard 03 80 74 51 51

Allô Mairie : 0800 21 3000
Un numéro gratuit pour signaler un problème de voirie, d'éclairage public, de propreté ou de graffiti. Intervention sous 48 h les jours ouvrés.

Mairies annexes

32, bd Eugène Fyot
03 80 74 52 02

Fontaine d'Ouche
15, place de la Fontaine d'Ouche
03 80 74 52 00

6, av des Grésilles
03 80 74 52 03

2, bd Mansart
03 80 74 52 04

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You want to know all about Dijon? This site is made for you. A virtual place for real information, where you will find the dates, venues and brief summaries of all the events, major and minor, that are in our news for the moment. A place of remembrance and research too if you want to find out more about our city, its past and present heritage, its parks and gardens and other places of interest or curiosity. It is also a place of exchange should you wish to contact a municipal service, an association, the ombudsman... Your only problem is that of choosing.

We have designed this site with only one thing in mind, to facilitate your life and the city. Dijon, as you know, or as you will find out, is a beautiful city, “as pretty as a picture”. It is full of history on all the corners of its streets, squares, quarters beyond its preserved area, one of the most extensive of Europe. But Dijon is a modern town that lives, moves and transforms with its time. Regardless of whether you are a resident or not, you will see that there is always something going on in Dijon. So do not hesitate to come and visit us regularly with just a click on your mouse.